Saturday, 11 September 2010

A sad day!

As much as I am behind Orlando doing a bit modelling this is a sad day for me. To see him do such a terrible job of being their spokesperson is painful, I thought he was a better actor than that.

So Orlando, I have a bit of advice for you:

a) if you have to do something painfully corporate such as this never ever admit you havent heard of it. For one Uniqlo is in most british high streets, its hardly an unusual brand and also it makes you look like a muppet because you start singing the praises of something you started out by claiming that you've never heard of.... doh!
b) You need to try and project some enthusiasm - You're a method actor right? so imagine you are with Viggo, just the two of you, having a good time ;), and project the enthusiasm you would feel in those circumstances and Bingo, you'd would have pulled it off in spite of point A I imagine.

I have to say though that the actual modelling bit looked hard work, moving about like that trying to pull different poses - it would take me about 2 seconds to feel completely self conscious....


  1. Poor Orly. He was probably confused about Uniqlo just like I was. He probably thought he was signing up to be the spokesmodel of a phake tanning product.

    And really, he hasn't had any acting practice (except for the showmance of course)for some time.

    I think we need to give him a second chance. I'm feeling a bit sorry for him. Of course I might change my mind tomorrow, but right now he should take the olive branch I'm extending to him and hang on to it tightly.

  2. Yeah, I'll bet he was real self conscious picking up that fat paycheck. Sorry he won't get any sympathy from me. He's always one step away from completely douchebaggery IMO

  3. ah maybe thats it joders .... the showmance acting has hardly been his finest.... he's probably all out of touch with what a good performance constitutes...

    @anomers - i just hope he managed to say arigato enthusiastically then too!