Saturday, 11 September 2010

At heathrow....

Panty Mantis: Yooo hoooo paprazaai, eye'm ovar heare, eye knowe mye dresse iss kompletelee ripped butte eye'm stille gawguss ande stunninge

Orlando: C'mon cabbage face - stop grinning inanely every time you see a camera and get a move on. When will you realise that I'm the gorgeous one in this relationship, not you! Plus I've put that blasted ring somewhere, I can't find it and I'm sure some bastard is going to notice the longer we stand here

(can i just say how happy I am to see that Mr Big has yet again been lucky enough to "catch" our hounded couple. He really does seem to have all the luck doesn't he?)


  1. I think she is UGLY in these pics and he... a bit less ugly. The hat is hideous and made her face very FAT.

  2. Don't you just love that in this picture she's got her left hand strategically placed so that everyone can see her engagement and wedding rings? She is the biggest, phattest, poser in the hole wyde whirld. Nothing this girl does is natural, it's all made up. Woohoo, phantasy land, heer eye cum!