Friday, 10 September 2010

A Mantis with a fruit bowl on her head

Ah, normal service resumes I see (after OB's brief and undocumented sojourn in the UK - there was a twitter or something about him getting his teeth whitened).

I guess the Panty Mantis must have been getting rather cross with poor old Orlando, leaving her at home with only facebook for company. Its good to see he's had his ring altered to fit, that was kinda embarrassing - maybe Viggo's made him get one made up!

But look how stunning our Panty mantis too: Being dragged past the paparazzi by O, showing her "belly" and her "little one", having cut her black see-through dress shorter to prove that she's not just a fatty like the rest of us, though I'm not sure where she's going with the fruit bowl on her head - maybe being preggers has made her hair greasy? - I wonder where OB is taking her - I'm sure I could work on some suggestions!

Still its nice to Orlando - I'm liking the Jacket / curls/ Jeans combination - if only he'd left his Pet Mantis in her fruit bowl at home


  1. The fruit bowl is because she refuses to dye her hair while pregnant... Duh. God forbid we see her roots...

  2. I got nothing. If anyone needs me I'll be watching Jersey Shore on my DVR.

  3. LOL i didnt know that anomers
    I'm still laughing at the fact a greasy OB is having to drag her by her bag past her friends the paps.... she must have been missing them something chronic...