Thursday, 23 September 2010

Compare the

I think we need to have brief interlude to explain a few things, confusion does seem to reigning in some quarters of the net over where you go for what... i think its a bit like Compare the and compare the (You know the advert? if not -click here, Aleksander is hilarious, anyway...).

So are we all listening?:

- If you are fat, jellus, pathetic (thats a new one - thanks anomers) want Orlando all to yourself, can cope with snarky commentary and enjoy drooling over pre mantis photos of him (mainly) - Congratulations, You're in the right place!

- If you wish to celebrate the trueness of their love and coo over photos of them together you aren't in the right place. I understand Mayfrayn has a most excellent community over on Live Journal where you can do just that, safe in the knowledge that you wont have to deal with any jellus people like me! (May if you wish to post a link so people can find it easily, please do, I don't what the URL is)

There wouldn't be a lot of point on me heading over to Mays journal with my opinion, She'd rightly get a bit cranky with me and I imagine I would be in a minority of one. Similarly there probably isn't a lot of point in pro OB and his pet Mantis people lingering too long on here - I'm likely to get a bit cranky too , but i have the added aspect of being fat, jellus, pathetic and wanting Orlando to myself which tends to make a person even more irritable...

To Quote Aleksander "Simples"


  1. Slapparr you are brilliant, just brilliant.
    The meerkat is cute but I going to stay on the other thread for a while.

  2. LOL Ducati - thanks - though i can't really take credit for that one - but it is one brilliant add campaign