Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Oh what a busy day

I'm all at sixes and sevens this morning and not sure what to start this post with. So I'll start with a happy thought...

Orlando - back in Germany, back with the curls, back smiling and back without his ring on - do you know, he really does need to get the sucker re-sized, it keeps falling off at the most unfortunate moments.

I'll let you all enjoy that for a moment before announcing that the Panty Mantis has shared a little more of treashure ureself with us. Oh happy day - I'm feeling more enlightened already..

she's picked out a couple of extracts for us to consider - I thought I'd share them:

“I give myself permission to be authentic. I am fully self-expressed and never afraid to be who I really am”

I'm not entirely sure Winston Churhill would agree PM, you seemed to be rather keen on using his words but we'll let that one ride and move on..

“I let go of any wrong done to me or that I have done to others. I forgive myself and others and I live in the present moment, allowing myself to relish new and exciting opportunities”

Ahh did us fatties get a shout out - that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!! Did I say how i cannot WAIT for this to come out. I'm not sure we're quite up to the copy price with our collection yet though....


  1. "I give myself permission to be authentic."

    Seriously? I have no words.

  2. Yes I liked that line particularly - I think you could call it specul!

  3. The woman lives in a fantasy land if she thinks people, at least intelligent ones, truly believe she follows those quotes or whatever.

  4. "I give myself permission to be authentic."
    MK please please please just SHUT UP! One Louise Hay is ENOUGH! Be authentic and disappear.

  5. "I give myself permission to be a sanctimonious patronising bytch" would be closer the mark lol

    Is louise hay also this annoying then??? i dont think i've had the pleasure of her output as yet....

  6. @Lucinda
    I think Louise Hay is MK godmother in that shit. They met last year for advice about MK's book.

  7. It really explains why she didn't kill herself yet. When she cheats on the love of her life, insults her "husband's" phans, traps a man into a showmance/"marriage", lies with every breath and tells young girls nonsense about self-esteem and health after smoking and vomiting, she just "lets go" and moves on to the next dirty trick that gets her whatever she wants.

  8. @ L
    I don't know MK personally but from the media and what I saw in the last 3/4 years... tsk tsk tsk. She lies and lies and lies and gets all she wants... It's soooo odd. I wonder what is her secret...
    Maybe to chant LH shits works!?

  9. Louise Hay is indeed the Godmother of all this shit. Her most famous self help book is called You Can Heal You Life. It was quite popular in the late 80's and early 90's (written in 1984). What I didn't know what this woman ran away from home when she was young, ended up in NYC, became a model and married a successful businessman (sounding familiar?? Model, hitching her wagon to a successful man????)

    Anyway, whilst I'm all for alternative therapies (I actually went to a private college that specialised in naturopathy and I'm two thirds qualified as a naturopath - but I'll never go back and finish my studies) this positive affirmation guff is just a load of mumbo jumbo. And it can be dangerous. And I think sometimes it sucks in the gullible and the weak.

    But back to the topic at hand, I thought at first Whorely was yawning (probably bored with his company) but then I realised he's lauging hysterically. And then I saw the panty mantis in the background wearing her hair in a ridiculous top knot and I knew why he was laughing.

    God, she makes this so easy.

    If you want to know more about the mantis's spiritual Godmother, here's her website


  10. "I give myself permission to be authentic."

    I read this earlier, and it's been driving me nuts all day. I finally figured out why. By connotation, authenticity is an external determination. In other words, you don't decide to be authentic. Your authenticity is determined by those around you. In the same way, an antique dealer determines whether or not a Queen Anne chair is authentic -- through careful consideration, study, comparison, etc. The damn chair doesn't just decide to be authentic.

    Yes, this is a quibble in word selection, but I suspect it's a poor word selection for her. That gives everyone else the right to decide whether or not she's behaving authentically. Of course, if "authentic" in this case is equivalent with "imbecilic," she might be making a truthful claim.

    Then again, I'm one to make a comment, since I'm posting anonymously. I guess you get to decide if that makes me authentic :)

  11. @ Joders
    "And then I saw the panty mantis in the background wearing her hair in a ridiculous top knot" .Ohhhhh I thought it was a BIG onion with a tomato above there. Maybe I realy need to put my glass now!!!

  12. @Joders and L - thanks for the louise hay explanation...... someone else who spotted a market in people needing a path to a supposed easy way through life!

    LOL @Anomers - authenticity to me is something i associate with musical performance. In that context it means something that is a recreation of a particular age, performance or something like that - though in fairness there is a lot of argument over whether a authentic performance is possible given that its being heard with modern ears...

    But thats agreeing with what you are saying about it. Its defined by those experiencing what ever it is.. I think imbecilic is much closer to the mark :)

  13. http://ehrenreich.blogs.com/barbaras_blog/2009/10/are-women-getting-sadder.html

    You're welcome.

  14. Come on girls MK is REALY an authentic person. She is the first woman in the world that:
    1- Poses for nude pics
    2- Sticks up her ass all the time
    3- Traps a fool for money and fame
    4- Will be a mother
    So if it isn't authentic enough...