Monday, 27 September 2010


Image: Orlando Bloom tries hard to maintain his dignity in the face of open ridicule

How exciting, the Mantis' boobies are now not only out in pictures so large the the diameter resembles a small roundabout, but they are also in 3D. Vogue have kindly put a enormous exhibition devoted to 3D photographs of her with her baps out - nice eh!

It seems that you too can have the experience of being up close and personal to the mantis' puppies.. What a proud day for Orlando - I wonder if he gets a proportion of the entrance fee for each guest, seeing as how its his "wifes" boobies up there on display in the name of art....

I understand why Orlando looks the way he does in this photo, but I am a little confused about why the Panty Mantis is looking excited - surely she's looked at them in a mirror before, or is because the little one, in her belly has started kicking her hard at the thought of lunches to come....

p.s: Yo! Anomers -Just in case you've forgotten I know I'm Fat, Jellus and want Orlando all to Myself AND cant appreciate stunningness when I see it - please don't feel the need to point it out - you must get bored of typing the same thing and I'm certainly getting bored of deleting it.....


  1. He must be so proud...

  2. OMG! I finally understand why she always wears her hair scraped back like that. It's the perfect hairstyle for greasy, lank hair like hers. She doesn't need any product - it's already inbuilt! And if she gets any flyaway hairs she can just scrape some more grease off her face. Miraculous!

    And that blonde woman (whose name I should know) standing next to Dumb and Dumber is so disturbed at seeing Moronduuhhh in 1D and 3D that she's trying to stab herself in the brain by sticking the arm of her glasses up her nose and in her ear.

    The poor thing is so deranged she's laughing.

  3. Sistergirl better look at her boobs in 3D, because if she keeps going braless while preggo, hers are going to be long and flat when she's finished.

  4. Now I get their why they are together - boobs come in pairs! - KayC33