Friday, 10 September 2010

pee ess (From the Panty Mantis)

If anye of yew fatties saye eye'm notte stunninge inne thys pikture, eye'll sette frankei orre siddee on yew ande eye'll telle O (eye've desided tew calle orlandoe "O", eye finde his namme diffikult tew spelle) yew arre alle fatte jellus and wante O alle forre urselfs.

I'll consider myself warned!


  1. The ring is still almost phalling off.

  2. He looked more intense when kissed Viggo on the cheek than when he kisses her...

  3. PM looks bald and fat faced in this pic.

  4. Nice hat.

    There, I said something nice. I didn't mean it of course, but I said it.

    In fact, now that I get a good look at the hat it looks like something from a Run DMC video c. 1985.

  5. well in fairness wanda you were going to be one of her bridesmaids - its probably fair enough you say something nice sometimes (even if you don't mean it)

    that hat is hilarious - run DMC video - love it!

  6. Ob and the PM landed in London today. Maybe she is wants to meet face to face with Luci.

  7. No wedding band for him when they arrived in London.

  8. but a scarf for her - maybe she thought a see-thru travel dress wasnt the way to go for London....

    he looks cute, maybe his fingers swelled in the flight lol... bit like her phace really

    @mystic - I'm SOOOO ready for that one, believe me!
    I'm just enjoying how "private" they are.........