Thursday, 30 September 2010

Treashur Ureself: Update

I have been overwhelmed with excitement over the Panty Mantis announcement about her announcement to the extent that I didnt know what to with myself whilst I waited for it.... so I headed over to her Mantis blog for some inspiration - and what do I read......

Whilst we have been idling away our time considering the merits of Killer collars and 3D boobies, another extract from treasure ureself has been revealed.

I'm so sorry I havent picked up on this before now. i'd like to say its because I've been so busy with life, but obviously someone as fat'n'jellus as me doesnt have one so that can't be it.. anyway - lets put the past behind us and concentrate on being our "incredible selves!"

You can find the latest update here in full but I think a few of the more salient points deserve closer attention!

Now I'll say this up front, I'm gonna ignore most of what the Mantis Mommy has said at the beginning (she's her mom and therefore understandably biased so we'll let her off!).

I'm also going to ignore the confusion I felt about the comment that our mantis is one of the top ten models in the world Is that like the GCSE grades now where you used to only get an A grade, now you can get an A* or an A** so an A actually doesnt mean what it once did. I guess in this situation it must mean you get top ten models.... top ten supermodels and then top ten supermodels of all time .

I like this one though:

" To be successful you just have to get up one more time than you fall down. Miranda has done that time and time again."

I'm quite impressed that Team Mantis are prepared to publicity admit that 99.9% of the PR set ups and rumours that our Mantis has planted or been involved in have fallen down - and I think we can all agree she's very good at getting up again ....

And then there was this one (yes we are back on those positive affirmations sigh) I thought this one showed a surprising amount of self awareness from our mantis:

"I have no limits – I am limitless. I decide what I want from life and everything I want is available to me. I believe in magic and magic happens.”

The panty mantis certainly is limitless in what she'll do for attention - the 3D boobies was just one of a long list of getting her tatties out in the name of fashion / art - obviously she is aware from the above that she is not limited by the concept good taste......

And in case it wasnt clear, I already know i'm fat, jellus and want orlando all to myself, please dont feel the need to point it out to me


  1. First KaBloom lets me down yesterday and now you? Where's my old hot OB pic?
    Doing it myself again...

  2. "I believe in magic and magic happens.”

    I believe in magic too. Where's my Hogwarts letter?

  3. @Golden-Helikaon: Yeah I am still waiting for my Hogwarts letter too.

  4. personally i'm waiting for Hagrid and that flying bike, but i guess a letter would do.....

  5. Hagrid arriving on that flying bike to take me away would be exciting. Or Lucius could, you know, apparate in and...UNF.

    I'm rereading HP at the moment, I can't help but bring it up.