Friday, 17 September 2010

An attack of the killer collar...

Nice one Orlando - hopefully if you try and do another staged "kiss on set" with our pumpkin headed panty mantis (who by the way seems to have partially addressed the serious wardrobe malfunction thats been going on since she has been traumatising europe with her presence) that will keep her at the appropriate distance ! And oh how shocking that those evul or perhaps I should now say Kerrazy Paparazzi were right there to catch the moment of tru luuurve !

All in all I think he's rocking this Elizabethan vibe - but I'm not entirely convinced that a flowery brocade jacket and stripey balloon trousers entirely go fashion wise...

On the plus side, they havent made him wear a "big bird" hat yet .....


  1. Whorelando is playing Adam Lambert? No wonder he posed with his beard on set yesterday.

  2. Clearly it's an homage to his blushing bride. Why else would he dress up like an Australian frilled lizard?