Friday, 24 September 2010

Business as Usual

There really isn't much to report other than OB is still filming in Germany...

And of course the Panty Mantis is still hanging around in Germany - she's allegedly too big to travel according to her FB.... its funny, the photos of her mooching round a German Schloss didn't give much indication she was too big to travel to me - mind you, that maybe the result of the exceedingly small pair of jeans she'd shoehorned herself into for the occasion. One things for sure, She seems too big to carry her own handbag judging from the latest snaps and OB humping it around at the airport....

(I know, I know fat, jellus, want Orlando to myself etc etc etc) Still, I thought i'd cheer us fatties up on a friday by posting another hawt premantis whorely photo :D


  1. Good God was he a hottie! The best scene was him wearing the bathrobe and the glimpse of thigh. UNH!

  2. Or is he?
    Twitter report from last night has him at The Colony, a new nightclub in LA...

  3. It was scences like that which helped justify why I paid to see E-town in the movies.

  4. I still want my money back and I saw it on cable.

  5. yes, so do I wanda - it was one of the worst films I've seen in a long while.....