Sunday, 12 September 2010

Those Evil Paparazzi

Thanks so much to the person who pointed out the new addition to the Kora Blog... it really has made my day already.

You remember the whole line of thought "evil paparazzi following our poor hounded couple around"; how poor PM and OB have their privacy continuously invaded because they are just "so hot right now"? You catch my drift?

I'm taking it that you also remember the number of times paparazzi have 'happened' to be from the same agency and in exactly the right place at the right time however unlikely the venue (Im thinking the Church viewing, numerous grocery store visits, numerous bike shots). Plus of course we've had a couple of very good comments from readers here about the true nature of the paparazzi / celeb relationship AND there are quite a few books (I am using the term loosely) on just this subject.

The common factor being of course that the concept of an "Evil" paparazzi chasing round a celebrity 99% of the time doesn't exist. I see it more as a symbiotic relationship - where they keep on scratching each others backs and therefore keeping the whole thing in business...

sorry, bit of a rant... where was I? Oh yes - back to Panty Mantis' Whora Blog!

She has a whole new thread entitled "Those Crazy Paparazzi" - Oh how I laughed when i saw that. I'm hoping she's not seriously hoping to convince her "readership" that she doesnt call in those crazy paps as much as she possibly can. I shall look forward to new entries in this section of the whora blog with great enthusiasm, I can't wait to see what she classes as not called in!!

Lets take this picture of her bump that she's included in her post....You're telling me that little photo shoot wasn't agreed in advance are you panty mantis??? Its very lucky that not only were the paparazzi at LAX they were also at Heathrow just in case the shot was missed, and its also strange that on other occasions Orlando (by far the more celebrated of the two of them) can slip through airports around the globe for months on end (including LAX) without being so much as twittered. In fact, I could be mistaken but I have a feeling she's managed on it on occasion too (usually after OB been caught doing something he shouldnt or has managed to miss a key point in her "career" for no apparent reason)

Poor hounded couple - I'm sure there are still a few people out there that will fall for it (and actually they are probably perfect candidates to be purchasing treashure ureself too... so hats off to the PM for her marketing match!)

Oh and BTW Wanda was totally right - Run DMC circa 1985 was so into the same headgear as the panty mantis, just take a look at the photo!


  1. she is pathetic.

  2. Did she remove the thread, keep getting an error message? Thanks for always taking one for the team, what are the highlights?

  3. @ Ducati - apparently its been taken down ......what a shame, I was looking forward to updates on that particular thread :D