Sunday, 5 September 2010

Just because

Now, I know that before when I have said its all gone a bit quiet - its generally followed by a mother of a pap set up or a special announcement, but I reckon we're safe. What have they got left to do (apart from another set up)..

The Panty Mantis is back posting away on facebook, though apparently she hasn't worked out that if you hit the "more" button you can see comments that are older - bless, technology must be a challenge when you spend most of your time prancing around in your panties - two very different skill sets.....

The 'just because' title is because of the hawt picture of a very young Orlando - way back when (before he had his balls severed - cute huh!)


  1. Awwwww, look how cute baby Whorely was! Back before he became a eunuch.


  3. thanks anomers..... words are currently failing me... but its good to see that she's clear about who is welcome....

    somehow I'm guess its probably not for me :D

  4. Look, I'm no fan of Miranda Kerr. If it was up to me (which it isn't), I'd certainly have chosen someone else - maybe Penelope Cruz or Naomi Harris. Even Liv Tyler (lol)! Point is they're married now and she's expecting a baby, one that in spite of theories to the contrary is, more than likely, his. (The pillow theory is cute - but realistic? Not.) I plan to back off on the snarking for now (well, MOST of it anyway)! I can't wish bad luck on a person who's carrying an innocent kid in her womb. In fact here's hoping she stays as 'healthy as a horse' (on her 'noni juice' diet or whatever) for the sake of that unborn kid.

  5. magnanimous words anomers... with you on the Liv front! - I'd back off on the snarking too if I could, but i'm still (sadly) finding it amusing..

    And with you on the 'healthy as a horse" comment too though - I find the PM hilarious but that kid is innocent and being a celeb kid, its going to have a lot to deal with once it leaves the womb, it deserves a clear run for as long as possible!