Saturday, 18 September 2010

Being Incredible!

I've had a chance to reflect on our Mantis' email from the other day and its made me feel bad. I felt I needed some inspiration on being my beautiful self and being "in charge of my destiny" so i went back to treashure ureself and the Whora blog for some pointers on where I was going wrong.

After all being fat, jellus and wanting orlando all to myself surely can't be terminal..... I came back refreshed, ready to hop down to the supermarket to get some goji berries and noni juice and start my positive affirmations until my attention was drawn to a couple of things....

I read that the Panty Mantis has apparently said she doesnt smoke - my first reaction was to laugh hysterically and shout bullshit over a loud speaker to the local neighbourhood - I tried to recall Treashure ureself's concept of letting go of wrongs and living in the moment, really I did!! - but that made me laugh even more hysterically - Damn, a bit of a fail there then..

Having failed so badly at the first test, I thought a quick recap back at the Whora site would help me refocus and I came across some advice from our PM for aspiring models (I'm presuming she feels able to help now she seems to be off the field at the moment. I can't post it all here - too much enlightenment isn't good for a person in one sitting bt there are a few specul moments I wanted to share ...

such as this
"Don’t try to be anything other than who you are. Agencies and clients can pick fakes – be proud to be you and let your uniqueness show"

What an interesting comment from our Mantis, who seems, to me anyway, to spend 90% of her time trying to build a life based on phakery... so thats Be myself..... got that one

or this...
"Stick to your convictions and beliefs. Don’t ever feel pressured to do something your not totally comfortable with."

ah so she was comfortable during those Pirelli shots after all or shes not very good at following her own advice, does she mean that I can stick to my conviction that she's a bonefide gold digging panty mantis then... um.... probably not Ok so thats Just say no..

but I think we are starting to get somewhere with this one
"Avoid the pitfalls of comparing yourself to others – you will never be another person. Treasure Yourself and build on your own strengths and weaknesses and dare to show yourself how incredible you can be."

Now I understand...... I'm never going to be anything other than fat, jellus and wanting Orlando all for myself, I'm never going to be a gawguss supamodel, but if i buy treashure ureself i won't mind too much...

you can read the rest of them here (but be careful, too much good advice in one sitting can overload the brain!)

In other news - Orlando has broken months and months of silence about the happiest day of his life to share a few snippets of information on his "wedding". According to the Saturday Times he apparently was scouting locations with his pet mantis and they found one that was so stunning and gawguss that they had to get married immediately- how romantic eh ...... its a bit of a shame they didnt share that one with the parents - I'm sure I remember at the time both saying they knew that those kerrazy kids were going to get hitched before it happened but weren't allowed to say anything.... obviously I need to drink more Noni juice to mend that memory of mine!


  1. I'm wondering if they're even legally married.

  2. @thalassatx- I have wonder that myself. Miranda has been going on for weeks saying she will post pics of the wedding but nothing. Starting to think there wasn't a wedding and their people faked a marriage certificate or something. Would have been better if she said she wouldn't post pics for privacy reason but then I remember who we are dealing with.