Friday, 24 September 2010

Formal Notice

To: Anomers who posted a comment last night and whose comment is not showing this morning
From: TSO Administration

Date 24/09/2010

Subject: your comment


I'm formally telling you I have been unable to bring myself to approve your comment. I've a solid rationale for this which I would like to explain. I would of communicated this to you in private, but since you leave no contact details of any description, I've had to resort to a public memorandum:

1) You have already said all that in your previous edifying communications, I think repetition brings the tone even lower than it apparently already is.

2) I've also had the opportunity to agree with you that that we are all fat, ugly and pathetic on here and want Orlando all to ourselves in response to you last time. Its painful for us all to know she's so stunning and we're not - can you please stop pointing it out.

3) Your comment that all of us on here are not all tru fans of orlando is painful in the extreme. I'm completed gutted not to be counted amongst the faithful.

Please leave me and the others on here in our misery, you rays of inspiration are too bright for us to handle right now I'm afraid.

Thank you