Monday, 20 September 2010

A final word on the "wedding"....

Wanda, Joders... I just wanted to check you were ok after Orlando's big reveal in the times, you must be gutted.... Just thinking that our happy couple so callously ignored your offers to be bridesmaids makes me spit... I'm really sorry you guys missed out...

It must be some consolation though to know that you weren't the only ones to miss out, their friends and families were also not invited. After months of silence on the subject, Orlando finally had this to say about it in the Times on Saturday:

Bloom, 33, got married himself in July, to the model Miranda Kerr, who he had been dating for three years and who is expecting their first child in January. “We decided to elope. It was the most romantic thing — a bit spur-of-the-moment, but so great, so lovely, just the perfect fit for us. The wedding was something we were planning, but when we got to the location we were thinking of doing it in, which was a private island in the Caribbean, we ended up thinking, why would we wait? Why don’t we just do it now? Our families and friends are spread so dramatically across the world, from Australia to the UK to America, and I’m going to be working for such a long stretch, that it was, you know ... the way we got to do it was wonderful. It was just us

I'm glad to hear from the horses mouth that loves young dream lives on but Im a bit confused though - our mantis had dresses flown in. You'd think if there was time to get a dress in from australia there would have been time to get some family in from there too? Obviously not! So they had time for dresses and I seem to recollect they had time for a top photographer to join them, though that of course is less suprising,
they tend to take one with them when they travel from what I've seen!

what is perhaps more odd is that Jared hasn't had a wedding exclusive yet? Actually silly me, I'm forgetting how private our happy couple are...

And just so our Annomyemus veewier is absolutely clear on this

Yes, I am Fat, Jellus and wanting Orlando all for myself - please dont feel the need to point this out to me again, its hard enough being tormented by the perfection of their twu luurve day in day out, without you adding it to it!


  1. I'm sorry, but if you have took this bit of the interview from Orlando Love, Ka-Bloom or Bloom_Kerr community, I have to ask you to remove it. I posted it there, asking to not repost it anywhere. Thanks

  2. @Mayfrayn, No i'm afraid i didnt get this extract from any of those sources

  3. Holla!

    Yes, I'm gutted. Gutted, I tells ya!

  4. I'm absolutely devastated! I still can't believe that they so callously cut Wanda and me out! I still burst into tears everytime someone mentions it :(

    But I suppose if they're truly so in love and truly so happy and they had a truly romantic ceremony in a truly beautiful setting then it really, truly, must be true, right?

    And who am I to stand in the way of true love?

    Oh. That's right. I'm one of the original phatjellushaters :D

  5. Thanks for your answer. And thank your collegues at Delphi for their always kind comments against me, especially Ruby aka dea aka bebe aka blair aka white queen, who loves me from the times when I was at
    It is nice to see how she always find the time to post nice things about me, as if this was a personal matter for her

  6. @Joders and Wanda - i feel your pain - but you must selflessly move out of the path of true love....

  7. Geez, Joders, don't kill the word 'true' for as well. I've already lost 'stunning' from my vocabulary.

  8. @GH i find using Twu helps with that one :D

  9. Why did you deleted my last comment?

  10. @May i didnt - I had an email saying you'd left one which i came over to respond to and it wasn't showing - you'd get a comment deleted line if i'd deleted it.

    As it goes though, I'm happy you making this final post but after that i'd appreciate it if you could take the discussion elsewhere

    I'm not really into the whole fanwars thing - its taking it all far too seriously for my money


  11. @Slapparr:
    it's strange, my post was up and then it was no more...
    Btw, I'm sick of this fanwars exactly like you. But I am always put into it by the comments of some people. I post about Orlando and Miranda, but I don't write anything about other fans, using their nicknames. Some people even wrote that I have no job because I spent all my time on the Net. Of course this isn't true, and I think it is not fair to criticize other people's private life.
    Ok, I'm stopping now, of course there are some people who don't like Orlando or Miranda, but act in a fair way, and respect others, and some other people that simply can't do this.
    Thanks for let me explain

  12. Ok Line Drawn - any more posts that continue on this discussion will be deleted by me - harsh I know, but there it is !

    Good god someone find something funny to say and quick, I can't believe we've been serious and snarkless on here for more than a second....

    I think I'd better head back to treashure ureself for some more inspiration and being incredible!

  13. No Orlando the reason you didn't have family at the wedding is so that you wouldn't have to lie in front of them with the shame of a "wedding".

  14. @MysticLady: Oh no how could you say that? The family was there in spirit.

    lol, oh these two are ditzy it's entertaining. It must be a lot of hard work to lie so much, however neither one can keep thier stories straight.

  15. @stunningly yours - I LOVE your nick name, nice work!!

  16. @MysticLady

    "No Orlando the reason you didn't have family at the wedding is so that you wouldn't have to lie in front of them with the shame of a "wedding". "

    EXACTLY and fake marriage is more easy for fake divorce!

  17. Mayfrayn go back to MLOVEland. We don't believe in these 2 clowns anymore. They are just liars. Sorry dear.

  18. I always thought Orlando didn't have mummy there 'cos he's still pissed off about the whole "gee son daddy's dead but lives next door" thing.

    Well, that, and he's married a slut.

  19. Also Mayfrayn why shouldn't anyone post the interview anwhere else? Did you conduct the interview yourself or something? It seems to be public for anyone to see.

  20. Hmm, nice script the Panty Mantis wrote for Orlando to recite, but I wonder how much effort it took him not to say the words "shotgun wedding"?

    And I'm also glad you ladies stood strong and didn't let some shipper spy dictate what you can and cannot post here (and I'm glad we won't see anymore posts from said spy)! STAY STRONG AND "PHREE ORLANDO!!!!"

  21. @MysticLady:
    the interview was not public, you had to buy the newspaper to read it

    I'm a shipper spy just as you are a hater spy, according to the fact that every word I posted is quoted or analyzed by some of you

    I answered to these comments because thet call me out, if you don't like this kind of conversation you can delete my comments, but it would be fair to delete even the others

  22. "PHREE ORLANDO!!!!"
    I think Orlando doesn't deserve it right now. Maybe in 2 years hehehehehehehe

  23. @Mayfrayn- Ok but who gave you authority to say where one can or can't post it. It is not some private thing or anything.

  24. @MysticLady:
    Authority?If I pay for something, I decided to post it somewhere, and don't want that it goes all around the Net, I can ask to not repost it. Is it so strange? I see a lot of sites asking to not repost pics or other stuff, so what is the problem?

  25. Why did you pay? I am sure that the interview would have been available for everyone soon. Or is it that you want to be the first to post everything. I know that you are aiming for Number 1 fan but there are others around who would like to share things.

  26. @Mayfrayn: OMG It's common knowlege that everything that is aviable over the net could possibly reposted everywhere. If you don't want that others repost it simply keep it for youself.
    Like your stupid comments.
    Go back to your following shippers and let us fatjelloushaters alone.

  27. @Mayfrayn
    Your place is in JJ and MLOVE with all that blinded shippers that loooooove M/O's bullshit. Here is not your place to control people and their opinions.

  28. You are trying to control people and their opinion, because you always criticize and insult who don't share or like your opinions.
    My comments are stupid? Did you really read your comments? really?
    I know, it is useless to speak with you, because you don't accept anything, you can't discuss in a civil way, without using, before or after, insults and bad words, and you can't see things in their different aspects, you only see what you want to see. And you accuse other people to do this!
    And now, delete my comment, so you can show how you respect other people's opinions

  29. As I comment deleted, the other comments, that started all, still in place. Fair, of course

  30. Mayfrayn, if people called you out on Delphi then go address them ON DELPHI. This isn't a democracy, Slappar is free to delete and keep any comments she pleases. You're lucky she even lets you post here when you made it quite clear that no "haters" are welcome on your fansite.

    Oy vey. Well Slappar, at least you've gotten a lot of hits today.

  31. OMG, could you just delete her posts? This is getting ridiculous!

  32. Good God I love this blog..and it's silly comments lol

  33. Hey I got visitors from Germany on my blog too!


    We haven't had a good bitch fight in a long time. lol

  34. "mayfrayn said...

    the interview was not public, you had to buy the newspaper to read it"

    Now, maybe newspapers are different in Fantasy Shipper Land, but I thought they were a public thing, and anyone could get one and read it? Just because you paid for the paper, doesn't mean no one else has, you don't own the right to post that crap article online. JFC, woman.

  35. Mayfrayn dear, let's get one thing straight. If I were a hater spy, I would be posting instigating little messages on your site, the way you are posting here. So, your "I know you are but what am I?" argument holds no water here, "genius". And don't come back saying that the posts here don't matter to you, hypocrite, because if that were the case, you wouldn't keep responding to EVERY SINGLE POST. Good day...I SAY GOOD DAY! /Fez

    (As you all can tell, I'm holding my "fingers" as it were, like holding my tongue, out of respect for the people who BELONG on this board, because trust me, I could rip our stalker a new one, but it would require cussing like a drunken sailor! LOL)

  36. @Slapparr: Lol thanks, I thought it was annoyingly clever :P, lol

    @golden-helikaon: THIS SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!
    Thank you for calling that out.

  37. @ Mayfrayn
    Sorry girl, but anybody who has a subscription to the newspaper or their site has just a much right to post the article as you do. Since the Times was stated as the source in this post you had no reason to think it came from any of your posts. No one can accuse Slapparr or the girls at Delphi of not properly siting their sources. Also I would like to commend you for properly siting yours. - KayC33

  38. I think that Mayfrayn is controlled by the MK side.
    tip off,tip off,tip off,tip off.......
    Orlando's family and friends never do it.

  39. Wow. This has turned into a real smack down - a sure 'nuff Civil War. Shipperz vs. Haterz. As Rodney King so eloquently stated, "Can't we all just get along?"

  40. @anomers 1 - really? I'm not sure i'm that convinced.....

    @anomers 2 - LOL you're an idealist arent you?

  41. Yes, I suppose I am sort of (an "idealist" more's the pity.) But I still think humour can cure a lot of ills. Keep up the good work Luci! I enjoy your blog.

  42. Me too.
    Escpecially the pretty pictures...

  43. Sighs 4l. You are the biggest hypocrite. Pick a side. I know you are on olove and also on Delphi. You also can't stand it that Miranda is prettier and more successful than you. To mayfrayn I am on your side. These haters are so jealous that Orlando would never give them the light of day. To mayfrayn, what is your site so that I can go on it. I am looking for people to talk to about how happy I am for Miranda and Orlando and the Delphi boards not it and slappers blog is another attempt at showing how hateful and pathetic she is.

  44. Anonny - Sighs has always been a fan of Orlando's, I don't think she's ever stopped. You don't have to like Miranda to be HIS fan. Some of us don't have to suck up to whoever he's shagging to be fans.

    If you're happy for OB and MK then why are you here? Go fap over them elsewhere.

  45. AH anomers, I'm hurt! (though i am somewhat relieved to see that I am still fat n jellus) give me a moment and i'll link you up !

  46. Which do you support if the relation of this couple breaks?
    I can say without a hesitation.

    I am sorry.
    I became serious too much.
    (and my poor English)

  47. I take it you're not addressing that one to me - orlando obviously - I'm no fan of his pet mantis..

    its not worth taking seriously though anomers, it just has a good entertainment value..... !

  48. The shippers will take Orlando's side too...

  49. A hypocrite? Moi? Lovely to know I can still piss off Dingho phans. Though I must admit, being called a hypocrite is a bit of a comedown after being called a F*cking C***...
    And to reiterate and expand upon what Golden Helikaon said:
    1) You don't have to like Miranda Kerr to be a fan of Orlando Bloom. Just because the Dingho is NOTHING without Orlando Bloom name (or Entrapment Baby) (in her belly), you needn't conflate them. Orlando Love does not equal Dingho Love.
    2) You can most definitely be a member of Orlando Love AND Delphi. They are not mutually exclusive.
    3) Just because I am a phan of OB doesn't mean that some of his decisions don't make me want to shake him into a kitten sometimes...

  50. Sighs, who called you that? Point her out!!!

  51. Wanda, took me a while to find it but:

    "2oldforob aka sighs41 aka a fucking cunt, you are as unfunny as Lydia!
    May 27, 2010 5:17:43 PM CDT via web"

    And who else but Dear Bessie. Perhaps she took exception to the Treshur Urself Preview twitters I did.