Thursday, 16 September 2010

A mixed Bag

A bit of a mixed bag today really..

I couldn't resist posting some more of the Duke, the comments that elicited yesterday were priceless... today no big bird - but he does have an assistant!!

It seems the Panty Mantis (or pumpkin head as I'm now starting to think of her as- its something to do with her top knot and grinning like an idiot most of the time, not very logical I know!) was going to bless the world with her knowledge of Yoga early today! I know how exciting right !!
But then she cruelly retracted sharing the wisdom, how dissapointing. I for one am totally gutted..... she should know by now that we are all hanging on her every utterance to inform our dull and meaningless lives.....

One final thing of interest a friend of mine pointed out to me, probably completely unrelated of course, is this persona on Facebook.

Its one the games they have on there apparently, my friend thought this sounded inordinately like our Panty Mantis!! But our PM is the girl "I'm aiming to be" she needs to be delivering on the Yoga - otherwise I wont stand a chance! I'm not sure just buying treashur ureslef and Kora is going to cut it on its own...


  1. Miranda looks like a pumpkin head and Orlando looks like a zoombie lately.

  2. Luci you have to put up the new pics from today. The costume is so funny.