Monday, 13 September 2010

A model's life

First example:

This is MUCH more like it! The above photo is from the Uniglo campaign. Orlando (thankfully) isnt working the blue steel and doesn't look like he's had an unfortunate encounter with the Tango man. My only criticism is that he looks a bit too photoshopped, but on the other hand he's a lot less photoshopped than his "wife" on the cover of italian vogue....

Second example:

This one is from Me&City. Again, to me this is a good photo of our boy - though he looks blimmin skinny.... must be those bright red trousers he's sporting.

I think i know who is the model in the family Mantis (clue: it aint the one with a phace like a chipmunk :D)


  1. That first pic looks totally photoshopped. I thought maybe I imagined it.

    I wish I had known that that outfit in the second pic is supposed to be stylish. It's kinda like what my 7th grader looked like right before I told him to put on decent clothes this morning.

  2. nah its nerdy chic, I was at a pub nr Chelsea and its what all the lads there are trying to wear - at least orlando doesnt have his ass hanging out the back - at least i think he doesnt...

    You're right of course on the first one..... it is photoshop city, but I still much rather look at photoshopped him as opposed to photoshopped her...

  3. Way too much photoshop, he looks like a cartoon drawing.

    Slapparr, I everyone would rather look at him as oppose to the panty mantis.

    Hope you are okay and not in to much pain.

  4. @ducati - thanks for asking - i'm ok - I've started planning my next event ....

  5. I didn't even know he posed for another wax figure recently.

  6. @ L lol yes it does look a little madam tussauds....