Saturday, 10 April 2010

Where's Orli?

After a frenzied week or so of PR crash after PR crash its all gone a bit quiet for Orli, maybe he's decided discretion is the better part of valour?

Sadly his pet Panty Mantis has no such common sense. She "hosted" a party with designer Minnie Mortimer last week. Apparently there are some Hollywood connections in there and OB surfs with MM's hubby so I imagine thats why our golden couple were there.

I've always thought the concept of hosting rather an interesting one. To me, it implies you buy in the drinks, make the arrangements, provide the food, meet and greet and make sure everyone is having a good time. To the Panty Mantis however, it seems to mean standing around being photographed looking like the village idiot with your "mr Tumnus" hooves on...

Its a credit to Minnie that the PM is not looking her worst here, the dress is nice and dare I say her hair style suits her that way, so much better than her up-do of late. Ok, I'm done with the good points - shall we move on to the bad ones now?

Whats that I see upon her feet? Miranda, I know you luuurve your shoe boots, we've heard you say that they are one of the key pieces this season (just like they were last year if I remember correctly) we all understand that, but take a veiled glance at what your companion is wearing wither her equally belt like dress.... that style of shoe goes much better with the dress for an evening function and has the added advantage of not reminding everyone in the room of Narnia.

Another small point, if I may: standing like that makes it hard to believe you've ever had any model training whatsoever.. I imagine you're trying to convey "I'm a fun sorta girl" with that stance, in fact what it communicates is "Has anyone seen my brain cell today". Obviously we know thats not true with your new book coming out and all that.. but you wouldn't want everyone to get the wrong impression would you??

No wonder Orlando is looking quite so horrified in the picture above...


  1. Her one little brain cell is probably running downhill as fast as it's poor little legs can carry it screaming "Woohooo! I can see daylight! I'm outta here!!"

    I really don't get the whole ankle boot with short dress combo. Surely if it's cool enough to wear covered in shoes, it's cool enough to wear something slightly more substantial than a wrap around belt?

  2. i think that brain cell did that a long time ago Joders....

    I didn't come up with Mr Tumnus initially - and i can't remember who did, but they deserve a medal...