Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I KNEW it!....

...I knew he read here.... how could he not lol....

As Mystic has said here he is arriving in London looking lovely (see OB, no comments about appearance or T-shirt as agreed!)

Glad to see he's back on home soil :D though I have a feeling it will go very quiet, it tends to sans Mantis!

I had to edit to add that you apparently can "get the look" too..... I'm wondering what look that would be then? The "I've flown half way round the globe and haven't slept in days" look - I don't think we need help working out to do that one..


  1. That homeless person looks a little bit like the elf from LOTR.

  2. he does look a bit like he's been through a hedge backwards... extended time in any kind of proximity to the panty mantis tends to do that to him...

  3. lol also its good to see he has his lap top with him...

  4. Oi! Lucinda! What's the pic? My stupid computer just flips to google error message when I try to see it.
    And we all know I like to see new piccies...

  5. I'm sure you've seen this one - its OB arriving in Heathrow ahead of the volcanic ash cloud....

  6. Good use of props for his latest photo shoot.

    For just a second, I thought this was a picture of Jim Sturgess from Across the Universe and then I realized it was just the Whorelando making pretty with his personal greeters.

    Work it baby, work it... own it.

  7. there seems to be an entire posse waiting for him to arrive, he must of wanted it known he was back in the UK....

  8. I'm sure you've seen this one - its OB arriving in Heathrow ahead of the volcanic ash cloud....

    For a minute there I thought we'd found another nickname for the panty mantis (though I did wonder how the hell we'd come up with volcanic ash cloud as a suitable name for her) and I had a sinking feeling that she'd rocked up in London.

    All this world news happens while I'm in bed in the future and I have no idea what's gone on until hours later :D

  9. hmm the volcanic ash cloud - guaranteed to ruin your summer .... lol

    that would work!

    i get all confused with world timings...... from what you say we must be ahead over here?

  10. I think Sydney (2 and half hours from where I live and in the same timezone) is about 9 - 10 hours ahead of London, about 18 hours ahead of LA and about 16 hours ahead of NY. When stuff happens in the northern hemisphere in your daytime, it's usually evening or some time through the night down here, so I wake up to the news the next morning.

    Speaking of the volcanic ash cloud, here's hoping it persists just long enough that the PM can't get a flight from NY to London in time for her special day.