Thursday, 22 April 2010

The bold and the beautiful...

Well, I've been showing you the beautiful in recent posts pictorially speaking.

I think we can all agree that this photo represents the bold .....

to be more specific, THAT jacket is certainly bold, it looks like part of my lovely Luella quilted handbag combined with something that will make its own escape in due course, taking its furry tail with it...

I know Orlando's on his "down" time... and good on the man for enjoying a scruffy approach, but let me be clear..... I don't care how expensive it is, there is NO excuse for that jacket OB, dispense with it..... NOW! it looks as if it would belong at a 70's and 80's night.

Not a top-of-the-range 70's and 80's night you understand, the kind of night that thinks that it can relive past decades by playing "wake me up before you go go" and "its raining men" before disappearing back into more modern crap. The kind of night that doesn't appreciate the finesse of classic tracks such as "Rasputin" by Boney M - believe me, I've been at both types of nights, THAT jacket belongs in the former, cheesy, "do I make you horny" kinda night, NOT classic retro..

blimey, that jacket has brought me out in hives..... where was I - oh yes... bold and the beautiful... actually probably best stop - you don't want another rant do you?

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