Monday, 12 April 2010

Preparation for Albert Nobbs??

Some fabulous ladies on a Forum I post on (no, there aren't any prizes for guessing which!) have pointed out this guy in the 'hairy hobo' twitter photo of OB yesterday, (in fact I think mystic raised this too...)

According to them, the guy to the left is Orli's dialect coach.... with Albert Nobbs due to start filming in July, maybe Orlando is brushing up his Irish accent? I thought he did that rather well in Ned Kelly (unlike the american one in E-Town, but we wont go there). Anyways its nice to see there might be a purpose to his trip to NYC other than getting "caught" by the paps and looking "clean and rich" (sorry, I can't leave that one alone, who on earth describes anyone as looking clean and rich.....)
It maybe that his wild hairdo is also explained by him getting "in character"...

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