Saturday, 17 April 2010

Family Man

Panic not, we haven't just received news that the panty mantis is with child...

After my rather disolute post of yesterday (I obviously didn't have the friday feeling yesterday!) I thought it was nice to break the habit of a lifetime and start the weekend with something a touch less cynical.

According to that pinion of truth twitter, OB has been spotted in Dorset. Apparently he was at some kind of food shop getting very excited about macaroons.

In fact it reminded me of the last time he got excited about food that I heard of, it was related to what cheese was good after you've had a smoke... that made me laugh, but I digress...

Someone on another site pointed out that his granny lives down that way... Awwwww, Orlando visiting his granny! Why is it always so cute when guys do that kind of thing :D


  1. Why is it always so cute when guys do that kind of thing :D

    In Orlando's case I think it's because it gives us hope that there's still a little part of him that might be something like he was made out to be all those years ago by his PR machine.

    I hope he's not visiting his granny simply for publicity.

    She looks like the sort of sweet, but no nonsense Grandma that would smack you over the head with her walking stick if you did or said something she didn't like :D

  2. lol joders.... very true - OB seems to be much less PR driven in the UK........

  3. Did you notice his tan line?

  4. man thats quite a T-shirt tan going on there!