Sunday, 25 April 2010

Orlando and his Mum!

Aww Orlando was at the Ballet last night at a private event for Audi - and he took his mum, how cute!

Orlando certainly gets more appealing the longer he spends in the UK. Its nice to see him doing what I think is acceptable PR. i.e. Not selling his entire life to the press but just events here and there - if only he did this all the time...

Its also nice to see him with his family again, even if what he's wearing is singularly not appropriate for the Ballet. Still I guess dress codes have relaxed a bit nowadays.... last time I was at Glyndebourne, some guy was wearing JEANS? (no, it wasn't Orli lol).

The Panty Mantis was also happily absent from this event and instead was busying herself looking pissed off at a Victoria Secrets Gig in NYC, her push up, inflated bra to the fore and a bored expression on her face - bet she wishes she'd been with OB and his mum at Covent Garden, a wasted opportunity there Panty mantis if I may say..

Maybe OB has had a new security device fitted to his bollocks to stop her robbing them from him quite so easily - hope springs eternal....


  1. Luci, if you're going to keep using pictures of this poor homeless man you could at least throw him a few nickels.

  2. LOL wanda, i would but there is a recession going on you know... maybe Orli is trying to save cash too and has sacked his stylist!