Monday, 5 April 2010

Orlando and Panty Mantis : Central Park Couple

Do you know, I was actually going to take a break from posting today , too many bubbles and chocs last night have resulted in me feeling a little fragile! But then someone pointed out this picture and I felt serious endeavour must be applauded. (I also felt the need to try and preempt a certain celeb bloggers inevitable post and cringe worthy title with my own version... sorry.... ! had to get it in somewhere, I'm sure he will!)

Man! they are trying hard after yesterdays disaster... (Joders - again your account here had me on the floor, the pair of them must really hate time stamps and booked paparazzo who film the whole thing ... )

Anyway, whats the obvious thing to do when its become blindingly obvious to everyone (except a small contingent of ladies still worshipping at the shrine of St Orlando of Canterbury) that you do in fact do rather a lot of set ups with the paparazzi (as do most celebs, I might add - it doesn't make you a bad person OB it just makes you a bit of a sellout; and that in turn, makes us all a bit sad)...

you've guessed it - resort to that gospel of truth Twitter and here we have it...

Isn't that nice and oh! how sweet they are: Orlando and his panty mantis strolling through central park...... "caught" by the random passer by....(you see, it isn't only paparazzi that get shots of our favourite couple). Mind you, its a shame Orlando still looks like he's about to run from the hills at the first opportunity - maybe thats why she's holding onto him.

And do you want the even better news?

I can imagine, given the size of suitcase and the airing of bike (after its protracted time in David Blaine's garage) that we have a lot more of these to come. Methinks Orlando has been told to put his back into it after the screeching reports and various half assed photos...

you never know we might get back to engagement rumour 561 and we can all start up our gift club again for the happy couple... watch this space !


  1. Thank you so much for posting that wonderful photo of Orly and his twu lurve! They look so happy and so natural together strolling through Central Park. And he looks so comfortable with her arm tucked through his.

    Frankly the look of him reminds me of someone who is gingerly holding something particularly disgusting between his thumb and forefinger and trying to keep it as far away from his person as is possible so as not be contaminated by it.

    BTW you want to watch out one of your posts doesn't end up linked in the panty mantises thread on the fashion spot where her mangy little fans wonder why someone would spend their time doing this sort of stuff (maybe because it's funnier and more fun than spending hours fawning over a mentally impaired stick insect) and where they fervently hope for the GBC to break up soon so they can be rid of the lunatics (the feeling is mutual). Oh and one of them might suggest that they'd like to slap you in the face (I'd like to slap them up the back of the head, but whatever!).

  2. you're most welcome joders.. i thought we could all do with a lesson in what Twu Luurve looks like - its important to remember that THIS is the way to live the life and prove the luuuurve lol...

    oh dear, so the panty mantis fans have posted a link to your blog..... lol - they must be extremely bored in panty land.. I think snark of any nature is extremely funny! hell, i still like Orli and I snark the bollocks out of him (some would say literally...)

    don't worry, if it comes to face slapping I'm right there with you - I think its the best way to help people who are obviously hysterical...

  3. I think its the best way to help people who are obviously hysterical...


    That will keep us busy in her fandom.

  4. she has a fandom?? actually it will probably keep us busy in OB's too LMAO - better get in training considering we are all just fat and jellus :D

  5. She seriously has no fashion sense. In these pic, she looks like a hobo.

  6. Who wants to slap you Joders? Point the bitch out!

  7. I see all the dogs went for a walk.......

  8. don't worry mystic, her dress sense has been "addressed!"

    Ah peggy thats an oldy but a goody!! lol

  9. @ Wanda - some silly girl over at The Fashion Spot (who actually said the post is funny but she'd like to slap the person who wrote it in the face). I think it's funny that they can't believe someone would expend so much energy writing the sort of stuff that I write and they suggest that we are lunatics, yet they are over at TFS going all girly mental because the praying mantis doesn't look like she's going to get the cover of Vogue Australia anytime soon. I'm having fun and making fun for other people, but these girls are deadly serious in their support for the dingho. I know who the lunatics are.

    @ all - Animal Control must have been on Easter holidays to have let a wild dingho wander around NYC at will.