Saturday, 24 April 2010

Skeletor in a Nightgown and other things..

There are a few elements to my post-of-the-day, over the last 24 hrs rather a lot of things have ticked my fancy one way and another..

1) The panty mantis 'attended" some green envelope opening in New York looking like Skeletor in a nightgown. Stop! I hear you cry, so not news worthy.. well I'd agree with you but how could i resist this:

A respected friend elsewhere suggested she was trying to fly home to London, proving my point that Orlando can get away with the whole "flight ban" thing for a lot longer than he thinks!

2)Then there was our "fatjellushaterz" shout out (ok probably not in reality but bear with me).... apparently Skeletor (alias the Panty Mantis) bid/brought a Damien Hirst piece called "All you need is Jealousy" - that made me laugh a lot, is she trying to send the world a subtle message or is she revelealing her subsconcious internal reflections...

3) Finally that gospel of truth Twitter had a couple of OB mentions including one where he was chatting up a chick in Waitrose, now admittedly it isn't a nice 'n' kinky club like he seems to like in LA but it does lead me to suspect he may still be on home ground - I hope so for his sake, Skeletor was looking like her elbows could do some serious damage in that nightgown.

p.s another "old school" photo of OB as requested..... back in the days when the Timpsons man wouldn't of repeatedly twittered that Orli needed a hair cut!


  1. Thanks for feeding my need for Beautiful OB. He's just simply beautiful.

    And the Dingho? She's just simple.

  2. Pics from the good ole days. Very nice.

    Dingho? Did I miss something?

  3. nah peggy, she took off shortly after this photo was taken and flew away...