Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Let the pimping recommence

Poor OLD panty mantis, she must be gutted, just a day adrift on being able to have a nice 'n' private birthday with her 'lover', a few close friends and the paparazzi from Just Jared...

As it seems that UK airspace has been opened up again as a result of changing air conditions, I think we should all spare a thought for Orlando. The poor lad must of been hoping this condition would continue for the next few months, give him some time to extricate himself from Mantis pincers, sadly it was not to be....

Now European air space has been opened up again our happy couple can resume their rightful place in the spotlight of media attention, Orlando can hand her back his bollocks and normal service can resume..

Its probably a bit of a relief here at TSO too, Orlando has an amazing knack of going seriously under the radar sans mantis and that does make it a bit difficult to post...


  1. Too true. I'm missing new pictures of OB. Though I must say for a holdover until we get new picutres, stripy pjs OB is definitely a winner.

  2. Yeah...I'm not really digging the mousse though. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, eh?

  3. Nah, can't say I care for this one but I am happy that you like it Sighs!!

  4. the whole shoot as I recall was a bit weird.... Orlando doing "arty" shots...