Friday, 23 April 2010

Congratulations to our Celebrity Couple!

according to here they've made number 27 on the Zimbio (?) Celeb couples list. Actually, considering the amount of effort (and from what anomers said Money) thats gone in this year thats not very impressive. I thought a brief translation of the text might be in order seeing as its friday :D, here we go:

Orlando and Miranda have seen a nice boost this year in both their work and personal lives.

I would totally agree with you about the personal lives stuff, but where is your comment about work coming from?

He has no less than four movies coming out in 2010,

really?????? I can think of one thats out and one that got as far as a film festival - He's MADE 3 movies, but thats not the same thing as them coming out - I hope that bits true, its been a while since I've had the pleasure of OB on the big screen..

while she's all over the place recently

Sadly yes she is, its amazing what money can buy...

-- most notably in the exclusive Pirelli calendar

Poor old Panty Mantis, her sensibilities were upset after that one from what i heard, she "apparently" doesnt like getting her bits and pieces out??!?!??!?!? luckily, her actions speak louder than her words

and on the Prada runway. - congratulations Panty Mantis, one of the few high fashion gigs you have done (even if you were with a bunch of other VS girls on a publicity excercise)

They're both sinfully beautiful,

err no, one of them is sinfully beautiful (see above), the other looks like a panty mantis

and they saw a jump in popularity when it was rumored the two were engaged,

Ah yes, Good times! they did that more than once by the way (I think we are eagerly awaiting rumour 57 at the moment

but they quickly denied the gossip.

well you cant keep on rumouring that you are getting engaged if you are engaged..


The author seems to have forgotten the Flight Fight, that also got them some column inches.... it must be a bit gutting to see people like the Lovely Johnny and Vanessa much higher up the list without all the pimping and rumour...


  1. Blah blah blah, love the old school pics, keep em coming!

  2. Great translation Luci. So is OB still in the UK? It seems PM is still in NY.

  3. Thank goodness you saved all of these old pics Lucinda. They are nice to look at and remember way back when......

  4. when he was hawt, hawt, hawt.... do you know i wouldn't rail on the man if I he had aged and didn't have the capability any more, but he could look hawt still and he chooses to look like a homeless person so he deserves ribbing....