Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ted and his awful truth...

Its gone a bit quite again on the OB front.. you notice yet again that the minute that that he and the panty mantis part company you don't hear anything from him for days at a time??

Ted C has kindly filled this gap of nothingness by doing an "awful truth" on OB.

Dear Ted:
You once said Orlando Bloom's and his girlfriends were "ridiculous pairings." Why ridiculous? I think Pirates gal Naomie Harris is perfect for him, a nice London based low-key beautiful young woman. Does this sound ridiculous also? Or are you and many others hoping he gets together with Jen Aniston, finally!

Dear Yuck:
Because they never last—which is what he wants, just like Clooney. And no way to the J.A. hookup. If there's one thing Jen doesn't need, it's another boy in her life. When she finally hangs up the margarita glass and bikini, she needs a real man—which also disqualifies fratboy wannabe Gerard Butler

Ted C certainly serves it straight up when he writes about Orlando! I doubt the panty mantis will be very pleased to hear she's part of a ridiculous pairing - though I personally couldn't agree more.

I am, however, considering a nice-n-cheesy revamp of TSO a la Ted - seriously that photo he has up there, its like Oprah, Jerry Springer and the man from Delmonte all rolled into one... hmm maybe not :D

On the subject of the panty mantis, if you get a chance check out Inanity here, Joders has the inside track on the latest Victoria Sekrits photo shoot....

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