Thursday, 22 April 2010

Setting the Katz among the pigeons?

This one is rather interesting, the Katz lecture has put up a flier on its site advertising "A conversation with Orlando Bloom" as part of its lecture series on 2nd June. Apparently Orlando will be sitting down with one Dr. Harold S Koplewicz as the second part of this event.

This is a new one for Orli, so, having woken up hideously early and with too much spare time on my hands, I had a little dig to see what they could be discussing. The Katz lecture itself seems to be focused on Childhood psychiatric disorders and Dr. Koplewicz has written books relating to depression in adolescents. Some people have been wondering if Orlando is going to talk about his own dyslexia, but I'm not sure that that in itself is a psychiatric disorder - to my mind that sits firmly in the area of learning disabilities. What is interesting is that scholars have written a number of articles on links between dyslexia and subsequently developing a psychiatric problem as an adult.

All interesting stuff! I have to say I'm rather impressed (if this does have any truth to it) that Orlando is taking part in something like this. However, I'd be more than a little surprised if he bases any conversation on his own experiences growing up at more than a superficial level. He's obviously had various issues as a child relating to his family situation, which is well known now. Maybe it will relate to his ongoing work with Unicef? I guess time will tell!!

Wow - far too much sensibility for a post! on a lighter note, the Panty Mantis has discovered a way to teleport birthday cake without the use of air planes - according to her twitter Orlando miraculously managed to defy the flight ban and get a specul cake over to her in time for her birthday (me thinks someone should be checking out their tales before putting them out there). Its also lovely to see that OB is so much of a hurry to get back to his Mantis now airspace has reopened (according to twitter - out last night enjoying "Jerusalem" in London's west end!)

Thats it Orli - keep telling her you simply can't get a flight anywhere, it will probably be a few weeks before she realises it isn't true!

UPDATE: Apparently OB is speaking about his own experiences of living with dyslexia - good on him, I suffer from it myself and find unless you have it really badly, people rarely show much understanding> Excellent, for me an occasion when a bit of celeb promotion seems like an extremely good idea!!


  1. OMFG he was so beautiful!!!!!

    *crying uncontrolably into my hankie*

    I'm sorry, did you say something about something?

  2. i know wanda, i know.......

    i thought it might help the recovery process if i posted current news with old photos .. help reconcile the old and the new...

  3. Happy happy Joy joy. That picture is from one of my favorite photoshoots.

  4. I'm actually thinking/planning to go up to NYC to see him. Since it does look like he will attend then I will start to really plan. Though I will wait till my source saids something in the next few days, just to be sure. Hopefully my parents will let me go.

  5. It would be interesting to see what he talks about and what Dr. Koplewicz asks him if you do :)

    I love this photo shoot too Sighs! There are quite a few pleasing to the eye from around this time!