Sunday, 11 April 2010

Clean and Rich?

Why must one of the hottest guys on the planet persist in looking like this..

Maybe the "source" in Ted C's recent post got Orli and the PM mixed up with another couple - either that or her definition of "Clean and Rich" would be described by most people as "grubby and smelly".

And do I espy that Green T-shirt yet again?

Just for the record (and I hope our favourite "source" will take some advice on the subject) This is what clean and rich looks like...

You understand the difference, right?


  1. Everyone is entitled to an off day every now and again. Lord knows my hair has looked like this once or twice before, after a night out on the town (or after being caught in a sudden downpour - curls and moisture = disaster!), but OMFG!

    Orly needs to get away from NY and the dingHo, quicky bloody smart. This is what happens to the poor sod when he spends more than a day at time in the same geographical location as her.

    Thanks for posting the rich and clean pic. Sometimes it's easy to forget how rich and clean he can actually look :D

  2. Yes thats very true Joders, but there are off days and then there is this! I spent a while trying to think of a way to describe how he looks, its that bad - no wonder the twitterer took it down, probably contacted personally by OB...

  3. What I am curious about is who the guy behind Orlando is. He has been seen with Orlando on the sets of SfD and Good Doctor.

  4. At the risk of sounding stereotypical, I've always taken comfort in his ability to look so scruffy and be so entirely oblivious about it. If he were a fussy fashion plate, I'd be convinced he's gay. As it is, with his scruffiness and elegance, I'm convinced he's bi. (Waves to Viggo.)

  5. elegant is a good word for OB when he's on form thats for sure, its probably fair to say that as well that this is his "down" time, ie not a pap set up but he always look moth eaten after time with the PM.... plus of course I like seeing OB looking groomed :)

    @Mystic - no idea who that guy is.. interesting though

  6. Anonymous- I think that the whole scruffy thing is part of the whole act with dating MK. He was pretty clean when with Kate. I believe he is gay though.

  7. He looks like a lollipop in that last pic.

  8. thats a coincidence, the panty mantis looks like a lollipop most of the time lol.. I guess thats why they call it lollywood....