Saturday, 3 April 2010

When things go wrong.....

Poor Orlando, it must be a real pain in the a**s when even the most carefully laid plans go awry.....

We've all felt that some lovely paparazzi photos of OB and his PM were rather overdue (we've had the cinema tweets complete with the panty mantis treating herself to a piece of popcorn and a number of restaurant sitings and experience suggests photos would be forthcoming!). Obviously our happy couple thought so too and decided to set up a new lot of photos with the bike ( I know, how surprising!). However Orli's beloved bike finally decided to protest at the thought of any more set ups with the mantis on its back...

Here's Orli trying to talk sense into his bike:

Wow! the PM looks cheesed that her latest shots have gone so wrong. But panic not mantis, you and Orli are very good friends with the local Paps, they sit outside your flat, they turn up when requested, they apparently help you fix your bike and look... here they are even willing to retake the shots now the bike is working again. You both are lucky to have such mates!

You see, all that malcontent was misplaced, the aim of the excercise was to get photos out there and we have photos out there of you, living the life and proving the love so the whole thing wasn't a total waste of time!

I must just say that the hysterical relief showing on the face of OB in yesterdays post can't of been related to his wedding tackle after all.... all of it is evidently still in the possession of the mantis!


  1. Ok I keep hearing about the tweet of her treating herself to a piece of popcorn, where is it? She literally only ate one popcorn?

  2. Me thinks he has more of a relationship with his bike and more so with Viggo doll than he does with.....oops, give me a minute.....ah never mind, you get the drift.

  3. @mystic - it kinda links back to her wonderful 80/20 nutritional advice; her example of how she treats herself was to have a sandwich!!! a couple of days ago we got a tweet about her and OB in the cinema with popcorn and the joke became that she "treated" herself to a kernal.....

    @Peggy: we all know the spot for Orlando's true love is between his bike collection and Viggo!

  4. Oh ok lol. I get it, thanks Lucinda.

  5. hilarious, just to add that apparently there is an hours gap between the photos, so the paps not only fixed the bike, but were kind enough to wait for OB and the PM..... how sweet...