Thursday, 15 April 2010

Just Because!

I saw this photo online and I wondered whether this poor woman (who, although she is both busty and blonde, I would imagine is probably not his type) had to control the panty mantis' screeching fest at poor Orli on that recent flight...

I'm probably off at a tangent, but it is a cute photo of him looking all clean and rich....

just so we all remain clear on what clean 'n' rich looks like...


  1. We HATE those passengers who flirt with the flight attendants just to get the only 2 bottles of Glenlivet left in the cart. It's just NOT fair. Boo. Make the rest of us suffer thru with the JD. Yeah, thanks a bunch Orlando.


    Your fellow passengers in Biz class.

    PS: We hope that stick next to you barfs up her Skyy and Goji.

    PSS: Can I have your warm nuts?

    SadieJo in 3C

  2. As long as no-one is after the champers.... I'm all good!

    I'm sure the stick next Orli is no stranger to barfing and can I join the queue of Orli's warm nuts.....