Monday, 19 April 2010

A whole lotta volcano

As Mt. Eyjafjallajokull continues to errupt and the ash floats over european airspace, the quiet skies continue over the UK.... do you know another thing that is quiet? - Orlando

As predicted he hits the UK sans Mantis and a peaceful hush descends in PR land..... it must be less than peaceful for our Panty Mantis though, poor girl - she must be spitting feathers on not being able to spend her 27th (yes that's right - 27th) birthday away from her tru lurve...

I can just imagine the pain of that separation (or is that lost PR opportunity?) - Never mind Panty Mantis, I'm sure OB left you a suitable gift to celebrate the occasion - some chains and a koala so you can dress up for him perhaps?

What I'd love to know is what "plan B" is in place if the volcano continues and it prevents a load of globe trotting for the scheduled PR set ups, will they both suddenly develop a love of the sea - also, it would be an excellent opportunity to counter all those criticizers of their green credentials..

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish the Panty mantis many happy returns for tomorrow, and to Orlando: congratulations on managing to fly back to the UK on one of the last flights out of NYC and having the sense to leave the mantis there. Orlando...Your timing is superb!


  1. Gawd, the poor sap has to be lucky sometimes. Very lucky in the case of escaping from the snapping jaws of the Panty Mantis just in the nick of time.

    Re: the photo you've put up there? OMG! It's baby Orlando!

    I think the most suitable gift Orly could have left for the dingho for her birthday is a muzzle. Might make her shut up for a change. One can only live in hope :D

  2. hey, in the absence of a wedding list.... perhaps we should be working on a birthday mantis gift list??

    I know baby orlando on a boat.... with his moobs out - only kidding, baby orlando doesn't have moobs...

  3. Awwww..Baby Orlando. Always brings out the maternal side in me.


  4. maternal isn't quite what that photo brings out in me *insert dirty laugh* :P

  5. Jocasta! Har!

    I'm sorry Luci, did you say something? I was looking at that pic up there....

  6. admit it Wanda.... its the lack of Moobs and that young fit expression...

    actually I think it might the feet - best go check again!! :D

  7. He's got really long toes.

  8. Peggy :D

    you are right, actually he does have long toes....

    i wonder what that means tee hee hee :D