Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A romantic date?

According to that pinion of truth show biz spy, Orlando is taking Miranda to the world cup this summer - how romantic i hear you all cry.... lets take a closer look shall we at this particular "source"

ORLANDO Bloom is taking girlfriend Miranda Kerr on holiday — to watch football!

(You see, obviously show biz spy is a little bemused too, I may be typecasting but I don't think there are many ladies that would think that was a romantic date..)

The Pirates of The Caribbean hunk is said to be including the supermodel on a summer break in South Africa to cheer on England in the World cup — much to the surprise of his pals.

- I'm not surprised his pals are suprised, gobsmacked is probably closer to the mark given what he's said about her the rest of the time

“This is something Orlando has been planning for a long time,” says a source close to the actor.

But by the sounds of it, not with her in the plan until now.... i'm SURE this is in no way related to the bad PR surrounding their relationship recently.... no really...

“Orlando is a big football fan and this was supposed to be a big lads holiday to watch the World Cup.

Good work Orlando, I totally agree! A Panty Mantis sounds like a perfect companion to a lads weekend to me, along with the stripper and other busty blondes in night clubs..... plus I'm SURE she'll feel RIGHT at home...

“Now Orlando is bringing Miranda along. But seeing as she’s an underwear model, there probably won’t be too many complaints!”

Is he planning on passing her round his mates??? Admittedly i've heard rumours before now, but i've never credited them as being true..

Excellent, another success story in Panty Mantis land then and obviously this Vacay is super sekrit given its in the media already.... whats next i wonder, the desparation levels seem to be rising in PR land...


  1. Isn't he filming a movie at that time? Also I think I remember reading that Viggo wants to go to the World Cup too. Not sure though.

  2. Viggo and Dingho? Oooohhhh...sounds like a great opportunity for a Jerry Springer moment.

  3. Loving all the work "The Source" have being getting lately, I hope that they get promoted to family member soon.

  4. This rumour must be true, it's been printed in the UK Daily Star. Surely that's one of the best respected tabloids in Britain? Right up there with News of the World.

    Orly might be cheering on England, but surely the dingho couldn't go past rooting (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) for Australia? There would have to be an Aussie team wouldn't there? I mean, it's called the WORLD cup. And if dingho cheers on England because she thinks it'll help her get lucky with Orly, then she's dumber than I thought and she's not a real Aussie.

  5. Viggo!!! :D

    LOL Joders... The Daily Star is well respected and in fact MK would fit right in that publication - particularly on page 3...

    @Ducati - that source is working overtime at the moment isn't she..

  6. Can anyone say "lap dance"?