Thursday, 8 April 2010

Oh Ted! You naughty tease....

Poor old Ted C, it sounds like he's had enough of his new "source" already! The following is merrily doing the rounds:

Dear Ted:
You confuse me. One minute you agree that Miranda is wrong for Orlando and they can't break up soon enough, and in another post you seemed thrilled they are hot and heavy again and still together. What is it? Do you like them together just because they are so beautiful? Take a stand will ya!

Dear Oh, Whatever:
Look, as long as Orlando's going to keep torturing us with these ridiculously unlikely pairings, I can at least enjoy the scenery in the meantime, can't I? Life's easier that way, I find. Try it!

Don't worry Troy, we may all be confused but I imagine that you are one of the few that actually care any more either way. And as for Ted's response - "torturing" is an extremely good word when dealing with OB and his mantis at the moment.

C'mon Orli - I'm getting bored of this already - any chance of some movie news? (though i have to admit your use of a tie in the photo above is rather intriguing.... I'd settle for a better look at exactly what look you're going for instead if the movie thing is too hard for you!)


  1. I do love Ted. Such a pity he's gay. I suspect Orly is the scenery he's enjoying.

  2. So do I, he's fab! I'm sure its OB that he's enjoying the look of LMAO :)

  3. I think Ted just made the shippers #1 hit list with that last post.

  4. Keep it up Ted, verbally/physically, I don't care just do it!!!!