Thursday, 29 July 2010

Post script

A small word of advice for Orlando before I go:

The days when you can call the photographers to take photos of you and your latest script and look like you don't want them there are long gone...... even when you do try to authenticate the experience with a one fingered salute, though i have to congratulate you on your lack of subtlety!

Oh, and you might want to have a word with someone about Ted C- he keeps doing the most cracking one liners about you and your new wife, though my favourite is still the business deal one :D


  1. Ok, I'm all kinds of confused but probably because I didn't sleep well last night.
    So he runs out to an In-n-Out (GREAT burgers btw). On his bike, ok, but with a script under his arm?
    And gets to go to bring back to the wife and entrapment fetus?
    The scenario is not quite making sense to me.
    As for the serendipitous paps? Thanks for the new pics.

  2. After all these years, you are still trying to find some sense in their setups? Really?

  3. Why is he giving us the finger? Was it something we said?

  4. LOL nothing he does make sense........ apart from that finger of course !

  5. Wheel Turner sux.