Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Cc'd for your information

To Miranda
From: Lucinda
cc'd: Wanda and Joders

Subject: Bridesmaids

Hi Mantis Miranda
I hope you are well and all your rumour-mungering hard work hasn't either worn you out or detracted from your excitement as you prepare to be set for life for the happiest day of both you and Orlando's lives.

I've now got two fatnjellus bridesmaids to be part of the bridal party. Are you happy for them to provide their own dresses? its just that Joders has a perfect pink dress that she thinks will fit right in with your style. I'll need to speak to Wanda about her outfit plans though.

Have you manage to get your dress yet from Lisa Ho - I do think that she would be the best designer for you a hobag in a Ho, how more appropriate can you get

I recieved the Whora Kora catalogue - thanks. I hadn't realised you expected the hens to by the entire range before they are allowed to come to you hen do, though if the range isnt doing that well, it would be an excellent way to boost sales.

Have you got Orlando back yet? Last I heard he was doing anything but spending any time with you busy with work but I'm sure your schedules will coincide soon....

I'm sure you must be as pissed as hell elated to hear of the Boss Modelling job he's got. Maybe you can give him tips on how to take his clothes off and look like a slut.... actually :D posing in the best way to promote the brand.

With best wishes


  1. I told you I was going to wear my hoop skirt and purple parasol.

  2. that sounds lovely wanda :) I'll let her know...