Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Boss Man Bloom

A few things struck me with this photos:

1) how nice it is to see JJ's friendship with Orlando is continuing - he's going to need men like JJ around in the coming months!

2) Someone pointed out how rare it is for paparazzi to hang out round German airports.... how wrong can they be - these paps 'managed' to catch orlando arriving in germany as luck would have it just after the announcement that he was taking up Boss ad campaign - isn't life full of coincidences!!

3) Nice briefcase you have there Orlando - very business like, obviously already working the Boss vibe...

4) though I am actually rather supportive of OB's move to a bit of modelling, (scrubbed up he is one beautiful man) - it did occur to me that OB will need to play down the scruffy-I-havent-been-near-a-bath-for-a-week look if he's going to pull this off - after all who wants to smell like someone who looks as if he hasnt washed for ages......

Bring on the grooming!!

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