Thursday, 8 July 2010

What a lovely photo!

Isn't this a nice one of Orlando!

He's in Germany watching football with a female friend. Look at him - he looks engaged with life, happy and interested in his companion and singularly lacking the usual Phuneral Phace he seems so intent on wearing round his beloved..

Maybe that is something else their PR people would like to fix in the near future?


  1. He does look happy and engaged with her, doesn't he?
    But...but... I want him to be happy and engaged with Milla...
    Oh dear.

  2. Dont worry Sighs, I doubt OB is fussy who he looks happy and engaged with.... as long as its not the Panty Mantis..... :D

  3. I guess he's got until the wedding day to fix his phuneral phace, right? Should be great fun.

  4. Maybe his female friend has a nice speaking voice. It is also good to see him act natural, the phuckery he has been up to is sometimes to much to bear.

  5. How sad, that without really taking a serious look at that pic, you KNOW that it isn't the PM that he is with.................just sayin'.