Thursday, 29 July 2010

I'm Outta here

Its all got too much, first the super sekrit wedding, then the super sekrit honeymoon, then the super sekrit second honeymoon (which Orlando is apparently spending with his Ducati) and now a super sekrit baby.....


Just away from a computer for a week.... I'm hoping that I'll come back to not only a super sekrit baby but also a super sekrit divorce... I know, its probably a bit quick even for them - but on the plus side it would mean they got into the gossip rags (something their antics so far have singularly failed to do by all accounts, despite their best efforts) as the worlds fastest relationship lifespan: Engagement, Marriage, Honeymoon, Pregancy, Divorce all in the space of 6 weeks!

Something to think about perhaps OB?


  1. Where are you going? Can I come?

  2. Look at it this way, after all this, they still won't get their on cover on People... or Star for that matter. Maybe Hello in the UK for filler, but, no one really gives a damn frankly.

    Cheers. ;)

  3. Orlando's made his bed now and he'll have to lie in it. All I can do at this point is wish him luck 'cuz I think he's gonna need a shitload of it. Just hope there are those left around to pick up the pieces when it all falls apart. Sad. SO MUCH PROMISE - gone right out the window.

  4. @wanda - how are you at DIY???

    @ Simone - it seems from the lack of formal confirmation about a baby "bloom" (if she is up the duff, her timing is a bit suspect from what i can work out) has given them more press inches than their super sekrit wedding.... maybe they will learn from that?

    @anomers - you're right it is sad, whats more sad though is that Orlando has become all about his private life and not all about his movies - thats one bed i wonder whether he'll every be able to get back up from!

  5. Lucinda,

    You've said something that's been on my mind since I found out the "entrapment baby" timeline. If she's 3 months along, that would mean the deed was done in May. Now because I tune out things the Mantis does, I forget where she was in May. Anyone else remember? I know that I found out a bit of gossip yesterday that I didn't know...that she was trying to get her freak on with...ick...Lukas Haas! Here's the link for those of you who (like the rest of the world) have no clue to who Lukas "Dumbo" Haas is:

    So he's one candiddate for "Babydaddy of the Year". We know Brandon "Greasy, Racist, Pig-Bear" Davis is another. And I saw some other names associated with her that I've never heard before (other nobodies) that are potentials. As I told my mom, "if that baby is even remotely ugly or plain, it's NOT Orlando's"! But just like so many men who have been trapped, he'll be the last to notice.

  6. @Anonymous- Some sites have been saying she is over 3 months but not much. An Aussie mag put her at 11 weeks about 3 weeks ago so she is to be 14 weeks (3.5 months)now. If we count back that far we get to the week of her birthday. Now if my memory serves me right didn't Orlando leave the country without her about 6 or 7 days before that?

    And wasn't she pictured with one of the guys from Kings of Leon on her b-day. Rumors were that she and a member from the band hooked up last Fall.

  7. Thanks for that, MysticLady. Just went to look at a photo of the band as I type this. Ummm, wow, just wow. Outside of Dr. Bloom, she doesn't know how to pick 'em at all, does she? LOL! Yeah, I really want to see what Mantis Jr. is going to look like...