Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Those Blimmin busy schedules...

I have to extend the greatest thanks to Ducati for the provision of this particular treat - I read it and thought No! someone can't of actually written that - but apparently they have..

without further delay, allow me to share Orlando and the Panty Mantis' baby plans:

Showbiz spy reported the following (indicated in Bold)

Sources say the couple — who recently announced that they’re planning to marry after several years of dating — have been discussing when to have kids, but it appears their busy schedules might get in the way.

ahh those busy schedules again.... they really are responsible for a lot aren't they?

“Orlando and Miranda have been discussing when to start a family,” said a source close to the couple. “He wants to be a father and she can’t wait to be a mom — they just need to find time in their busy schedules.

Actually, I'm personally not surprised they dont have time to shag. They only seem to meet up to be caught out by the Paps, and shagging in front of a camera seems to be below even them..... for now.......

But wait ....we're getting to the extra special bit

“They’ll get the wedding out of the way before they even think about trying to conceive. And if they can’t find time for that, they’re both open to adoption.”

So, they can find time to plan a wedding, to release every bit of saleable detail to the world in general AND bring up a child with their busy schedules..... but they cant find time to shag??????

Orlando my love, if you are going to use your busy schedule to get out of boning skeletor, you really need to get filming pronto, I'm not sure a Boss campaign is going to cut it....


  1. Seriously, who thinks this was something that was apropos. Who is the idiotic 'source'? I forget; we are talking about Moron-duh.

  2. Srsly, this reeks of her no-brainer bro. Yeah, a good shag takes SO MUCH MORE time than raising a kid. Come on, I get it, she likes Monty Python, but does she have to turn his life into an MP sketch?

  3. LOL, i think the brain cells left the building before this announcement was made..

    I keep having a really strong urge to shout Blue Balls.....but i'm sure he's getting it else where .....he's a guy!

  4. Now that was a lulzy article. I like writing fiction, maybe I could get a job as their PR person.

    (This is Icarus/Vik by the way)

  5. Hello!! - yes i think that was the worst article known to man in the whole history of PR.....

    I take it it didn't come from Robin .....

  6. No, I think Robin has some semblance of a brain, doesn't she?

  7. She's certainly demonstrated more cunning than this latest would suggest before.....

    talk about car-crash PR.... I'm smell a carli!!

  8. It's hilarious in a sad kind of way. They're so pathetic.

  9. oh its certainly hilarious :D

    completely ridiculous PR rubbish!!!

  10. Icarus!! *hugs*

    And I agree, pathetic.