Saturday, 17 July 2010

What a lot of luggage

Considering our Panty Mantis was only in the UK for a few days she doesn't half carry round a lot of luggage with her. Believe me, In no way do I travel light, but that amount of luggage is ridiculous, particularly given most of her clothes are the size of a postage stamp.

Maybe she carries around a few spare paparazzi where ever she goes in there, just in case?

Perhaps its her publicist Carli and her brother, ready to leap to her defence when ever a jelluz cow threatens?

Perhaps its her Orlando controlling kit, the further down the road they go - the more equipment she needs to keep him on reservation?

Who knows, but its reassuring to see that their flight out of the UK was as hounded by those pesky paparazzi as her arrival into the country - and its very nice of Orlando to stay on the line to them during the photo shoot - to make sure that they get the angle..... Its a pity he's wasting his time though, I've yet to see a good angle on the panty mantis that hasn't been photoshopped to within an inch of its life....

I know, I know..... fat /jelluz/want Orlando all for myself......


  1. Supposedly the top luggage bag is his. Along with the laptop bag. Doesn't she have photoshoots soon and including a trip back to Oz.

  2. still a lot of luggage, maybe he gets her to carry his bags around the globe for him :P

    She does Mystic, the raison d'etre for all these pap set ups and rumours is fast approaching, she's off to do the DJ season launch..

    more importantly though, shouldn't OB be filming?

  3. That is a shit load of luggage for two people who wears the same thing all the time. All that bags and she could not have put on a different dress and wear a different scarf. I going with the Orly controlling kit, look at the pics, he smiled at her, touch her, wisper sweet nothings in her ear and most important no funeral face.