Friday, 2 July 2010

A brief post script..

Just to add that gutting as it is to see Murray out of the Wimbledon final, it is some consolation to see exactly how keen our bridegroom is to spend time with his fiancee..... obviously their busy schedules are clashing again!!!!


  1. I saw the start of the match but I had to go to bed - it was soooo late.

    I'd have loved a Berdych / Murray final, but it just wasn't to be.

    Re: the busy and clashing schedules, if she keeps posing for the paps, flashing her ring around and taking her clothes off, there'll be little time for them to catch up with each other ;)

    PS I much prefer the blue background.

  2. Joders! I haven't seen you around. I am shock you have not written anything about this engagement.

  3. Ok we'll stick with the Blue - its somehow more fitting now Orlando is engaged (kinda of going more sombre)... perhaps on the happy day itself we shall celebrate by going a funereal black in mourning for his lost balls...

  4. His balls have been gone sooooooo long I wonder if he misses them or even realizes that they are gone?

    Lost Balls wedding theme. She could wear them as something blue........

  5. BLUE BALLS!!!!!!!!!!

    she could accessorise them on her dress - wow thats a nasty thought

    (i doubt OB would notice they are his - he's been so long without them now plus I wonder if his voice will start to get higher the longer the time away from them...)