Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ted's Business Deal

Oh dear..... RIGHT on the day that the long awaited family photos appear with our Panty Mantis, Ted Casablanca decides to put the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons:

Dear Ted:
Do you agree that Matt Damon has the right idea choosing a woman not in the business? His marriage seems so secure and normal. What chance do you give Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr? I give it a year maybe. They are cute as buttons together, but I still think Orlando is making a mistake not choosing a nice British girl who is not in the public eye 24/7.

Dear Business Deal:

Matt and Luciana are everything right about Hollywood. I wouldn't even compare them and the Orlando-Miranda duo (Orlanda?), but if you insist, I'd say Orly needs to find someone much more low-key if he really wants some lifelong companionship. Something tells me Miranda, whose star has only recently skyrocketed, is much too wild for boring old Bloom.

"Dear Business Deal".......

Naughty Ted, taking the shine of the Panty Mantis' specul moment and giving us jellus cowz something else to laugh about. I wonder if we'll get a Ted style retraction like we did last time....


  1. I wonder if we'll get a Ted style retraction like we did last time....

    Only if the dingho can remember the speed dial number for Whorely's solicitor.

  2. I'm sure she has that number programmed in.....