Sunday, 11 July 2010

Our Private Panty Mantis.....

Finally, after 2 weeks of silence (whilst she located her groom) our bride to be has both found an AWOL Orlando and located a friendly newspaper to share the news of her pending nuptials...

From here

SUPERMODEL (I think they mean Pantymodel) Miranda Kerr has opened up for the first time about her engagement to Hollywood heart-throb Orlando Bloom, her dilemma over where the couple will wed and rumours she is pregnant.

I imagine she's only opening up now because she's finally found out where he's been hiding himself and the pregnancy rumours havent exactly caught on across the worlds media....

In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Times, the stunning (excellent back to our favourite word I see) face of David Jones revealed she was genuinely shocked when Bloom, her boyfriend of four years, finally popped the question.

"We have been together for a while now and we had talked about it, but when it actually happened it was a total surprise," she said.

After years of false alarms, announcements that have been squashed by Orlando's rep I bet she's surprised he was finally worn down - I wonder if she had those Bridal Pants pictures in storage from the other times it was "announced"

But the 27-year-old brunette beauty quashed rumours she is pregnant.

"The rumours started as soon as it became known we were engaged. We are ignoring them and enjoying this moment," Kerr said.

I think that should read "we are starting them and milking this moment", at least she understands that she needs a looooong engagement - the Press seem a lot less interested in married couples (unless of course they are getting divorced).

"I have always been very open about wanting to be a mother one day and I've always thought Orlando would be a great dad."

The notoriously private couple have been tight-lipped since their engagement was officially announced through their US agent three weeks ago.

Notoriously Private? They have an interesting definition of notoriously private if they are saying it about these 2 - they have the paps document as much of their "lyfe" together as they possibly can

Since then, they have been flooded with well wishes - and some unique engagement presents.

Carlton United Breweries sent the couple a slab of personalised Crown Lager. On the label, it said: "Miranda & Orlando - Congratulations on your engagement!"

I'm glad to see the corporate sponsorship is coming on apace - I wonder if there is any news from Lisa Ho yet??

But the Victoria's Secret model said she and Bloom were not sure when and where they would wed.

"We have family and friends all over the world so deciding where is a tricky one," she said.

I imagine it is a bit hard to decide who is going to give you the most money for an exclusive until all the offers are on the table....

"We are enjoying being engaged for the time being and will take our time in making any plans. We are both very private so would like it to be intimate and personal."

Ah I see, so rushing off to look at churches with your mum two days after the announcement is taking time making plans? Plus I'm not sure that paparazzi ordinarily hang outside houses of god on the offchance that there may be a celeb in there looking at churches, well not unless you call them first... Yes i can see how private she is.....

But Kerr said she'd been touched by the response her engagement engendered in her home town.

"It's so sweet. It's nice to feel the support of your home town," she said.

Maybe she will have a shot gunnedah wedding after all??

Kerr will return to Australia this month to prepare for the David Jones summer collections launch on August 3 and the lavish opening of the renovated Bourke St store in Melbourne on August 12.

But her 33-year-old fiance will not make the trip Down Under with her. "Sadly not - he will be shooting a movie," she said.

i have to it to her though, she's taken my draft plan for trips back home and added a whole new level to it... I think I may have to go back and redraft!


  1. I actually snorted my drink when I read the "notoriously private" bit.

  2. I'm baaaaaack! And this article made me laugh.

  3. :D

    I think she must live in a parallel dimension - one where pigs have wings, the world is flat and she is a private person.....