Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Panty Mantis..... Sidelined???

Oh No! I hear you cry...... but apparently the unthinkable has happened and DJ's has is on the hunt for a new fashion ambassador.

" So who will be the next big name to grace the runway, with both Kerr and Megan Gale now on the sidelines?"

(from article in Sunday Telegraph, oz)

That hasnt taken her/them long really - and considering Megan Gale was out and about promoting DJ's through most of her stint, a cruel and jealous mind could argue that actually DJ's realised she was rather a large mistake and have taken the first "get out of Jail" card available to them.

Of course the flip side (for those of us who enjoy rainbows, flowers and hearts) is that DJ's have reluctantly had to admit that because of her shot gunnedah wedding to Dr. Douchebagn (thanks Joders, I think that one is staying) they have had to release her from forthcoming duties but are gagging at the bit to get her back up on a catwalk strutting in Lisa Ho!

Its funny though, the speed with which DJ's has started the search for new brand ambassador is frankly rather embarrassing for the mantis, one would of thought they would of preserved a respectable time gap before issuing press releases...

The other fairly amusing bit of news is Sonia's letter to his fan base. Its nice of her to write to us all to tell us about her new book and how lovely her new daughter-in-law but its kinda coming out as a bit OTT... almost makes one wonder loves young dream is not as real as its being portrayed...

I know, I know..... fat..... jellus......want Dr. D all for myself...


  1. So many of the ladies doth protest too much nowadays...

  2. I wish Whorely would take a bath and shave.

  3. I think we all wish that Wanda, but considering Dr. D always looks at his worst with the Panty Mantis, and he's somewhat permanently tied to her now - I think we aren't going to see pretty Orlando every again.....