Friday, 2 July 2010

Especially for Wanda.....

......Beautiful, pre mantis, hot Orlando

(I'll try to stop posting the fugly ones wanda - I appreciate the damage it does :D)


  1. He was super-cute back then! (Those were the days when I can honestly say he made me 'tingle' in certain select areas!) But sadly, he seems to have aged TEN YEARS in the past 2 or 3. Where oh where did the pretty man go?

  2. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    Thank you darling, that last one will get me through the afternoon! Now, how to get Mr. Rizzuto out of the house later....

  3. Beautiful pics love.

    There are now pics of OB at Wimbledon with David Beckham.

  4. Glad to see these are hitting the spot!!!

    @wanda - i find sending my other half out to quote on a job helps lol.....

    @ mystic - if i post those, I'm sure wanda will come after me - he's not looking his best in those - especially given he's standing there with Becks...

    becks still has something - even if i'm not quite sure what 'it" is lol