Saturday, 24 July 2010

Our Thank you note!

The new and Private Mrs Bloom is much better and quicker at writing her thank you letters than I ever was, she's decided to write on behalf of them both to thank us for our gift!

Deer Lycinder,

Thank yew forre the vase, eye amme not sure whate yew are tryinging to gette at wyth the pickture butte Orlandoe seems to lyke it verry much. He says it reminds himme of goode tymes.

Eye knowe yew havent beene verry nice to mee in the paste butte eye thought eye woulde showe yew what a kynde personnee eye am and saye thankyew

Aktuallee Eye woldnt mynde somme advice. Inne the laste daye or soe Orlandoe seemes to bee ill or somethinge, evar synce carlii mayde thise annousement, he has satte in wyth his heade in his hands rockinge. Eye kan't gette hime to speake or anythinge, thoughe he keeps mutteringe somethinge that sounds lyke Viggo.

Carlii thynkes he culd bee havinge somme kynde of mental breakedowne, eye'm notte sure.

Wot do yew fatties thynke eye shoulde do? Eye neede hime to pruve he's lyving the lyfe with mee pronto before Ted pickes us outte againe as a Buseineess Deeel.

Bye the wayye, nowe eye am Mrs Bloom eye thynke thate all of yew shuld starte usinge Kora. Thinke aboute it. Money from Kora maykes mee richer and eye'm supoorting Orlandoe nowe, its a bitte lyke buyinge his DVD's onlyee more expesneive.

Eye Kant promise it wille mayke yew less fat ande jelluz but it wille give yew a waye of suporting Orlandoe in harde tymes

In facte eye'm off to poste aboute it on facebooke nowe.


  1. You had me at "its a bitte lyke buyinge his DVD's onlyee more expesneive."

  2. Wot do yew fatties thynke eye shoulde do?


  3. I bet that vase does remind him of good times.