Friday, 23 July 2010

Wedding Bells!

Oh no! The world as i know it has just ended - Despite all of my fat jelluz cow activity, Orlando has married the Panty Mantis, its true love, I'm devastated........

........ well actually no, I'm not.

This really did rather amuse me when I woke up this morning to the result of her big announcement. There are just so many angles you could look at this piece of news! I almost don't know where to start!

I don't know many newly weds who would announce a sekrit marriage separately, surely the Happy couple should of announced it together?

It also seems fairly likely that up until very recently our Panty Mantis didn't realise she was up for a sekrit extravaganza, what with all her church hunting, taking her time and "going back to australia at the end of the month comments". Of course this could all be a smoke screen to keep it private, but somehow I doubt it - nothing else in their "relationship" has been private so far....

Its enough to make one wonder exactly how married Orlando is but that would be churlish of me in the extreme!

My heart does go out to Wanda and Joders though, I'm really sorry ladies, in the end you just were not fat'n'jellus enough to make sure the Panty Mantis wasnt outshone....

Right, I'm off to Selfridges to pick up that Etruscan Vase for our couple, I'm sure OB is going to need reminders of Viggo in the coming months


  1. That vase is all sort of hottest, orly would love it Viggoooooooooooooooo.

    Can't wait to see the panty mantis fat, I think she finally explained to orly that she is up the duff and showed him the time line that he is the father.