Monday, 12 July 2010

Alerts to make you L.O.L

Do you know, I wasn't going to post about this - it seemed far too mundane, but then I thought again...

So far I've received alerts that say the following
a)the Panty Mantis is pregnant
(does anyone actually care apart from them at this stage)
b)the Panty Mantis isn't pregnant
(oh i get it - its the new "ground hog day")
c)the Panty Mantis was surprised at being proposed to
(the only "surprised" I'd believe is that she was surprised that her electric ball clamp had finally worked)
d)Orlando popped the question only because he was consumed with jealousy
(ah, don't worry OB - you can join our club )
e) Orlando only popped the question because she's up the duff....
(how romantic, THIS is believable....)

all of this, all in one day..... anyone would think she was due back home and needed to make herself of interest seeing the engagement rumours only had a couple of days of impact before it all got swamped by more interesting news...


  1. I should add that by far the most popular comment seems to be the Mantis' surprise at his proposal... LMAO i bet!!!

  2. What does up the duff mean? Does that mean preggers?

  3. yep up the duff means preggers..

    and actually the surprise at his proposal is being taken over by the "intimate wedding"

    Oh how private they are ....sharing their private plans with us all..

  4. And I can see him being all smiles about being a father. If he's so happy to be engaged to her then why didn't he show it from the get go? He hasn't acted all that happy to be with her, walk with her, or even greet her at the airport for the last 3-4 years (depending on which interview you read). My guess is the Paris conversation overheard was her saying "yes" to being pregnant. Then he proposed so the child wouldn't be in the same boat he's in, and we know how sensitive he is about being in that boat! - KayC33

    By the way how do you post here without using anonymous?

  5. I agree. He is definitely sensitive about children and although it is not necessary to wed if your girlfriend is expecting I think that'would be the main reason to him, cause he surely would like to give his child that familiar stability he didn't have.

  6. I don't think that Paris conversation that someone supposedly heard was about a pregnancy. I mean isn't that a private thing to talk about and not in the middle of the park with photogs around?

    Why do people think she is pregnant? I mean for all we know this was planned weeks in advance because neither we getting any press and its pointless at this point for another false alarm.

  7. My favorite line from the X-Files was along the lines of "A lie Mr. Mulder is most convincing when sandwiched between two truths." I've learned not to put anything past these two. I'm also not actually saying she's pregnant just putting out the possibility that she's using it as his Achilles Heel where marriage is concerned. To be honest though Orlando is just as bad as her in the lies department. Hardly a good Buddhist trait! - KayC33

  8. hmm it could go either way though I agree with you anomers that OB is likely to want any kids he has to grow up in a more traditional setting with both parents in place....

    I think its as likely to be a publicity stunt as anything else - remember she has her modelling gig back home soon, she always likes to make a splash in the press before she goes home, particularly when OB isn't accompanying her....

  9. @kayC33 regarding how to post with a user name: in the comment box you need to click on the arrows and go down to Name/Url that should let you put your name in :)